Beloved Hippach, oil painting on Birch wood with gold leaf by Merel Burggraaf


Equine Portrait on Birch Wood

How I came to paint my beautiful Bonica 82 Rose again and added pure gold to this water colour painting.

Bonica Rose – A Golden One

Recently the owner of Toni asked me to do a reading and healing for her beautiful Dutch sports horse. Her horse had suddenly changed from a 100% sweetheart to a horse that didn’t want to be touched anymore and had even bitten her pretty hard.…

Toni, Reading and Healing for a Dutch Horse

Kingfisher ❤ The last couple of weeks this beautiful bird is flying with me on my walks with Olaf (the Whippet). I just had to draw this beautiful bird! 30 x 35 cm pencil on Arches 100% cotton SOLD


While I was in Florida visiting my beloved friend, who holds an absolutely beautiful vision for horses, I obviously spent a lot of time with the horses and I loved that! One of the beauties I met was Prissie. Her young owner loves this pony…

Prissie, Beautiful Pony from Florida

Currently, in between working on commissioned drawings and paintings, I am painting Spirit Animals ❤ Shamanic work is an increasing part of my life now and it would have surprised me if that wouldn’t influence my work. Something relaxing about painting a whale with the…

Even More Spirit

Meet Magnum ❤ I met this wonderful horse last year when I was in Florida (USA). A beautiful gelding that never stood still for the pictures I took and on top of that he constantly made funny faces by opening his mouth and playing with…


I was 13 years young when I drew this funny little Appy foal ❤ That is a long time ago! I had this book full of horse pictures of all kind of breeds. Some took my attention more than others. I remember my heart jumped…

When You Connect With Spirit

For all the Horse Lovers out there… If you like a bit of my art at home or if you would like to surpise a Horse Lover, what about a beautiful set of postcards ❤. It is a fine selection of three popular paintings/drawings. Now…

A Gift for Horse Lovers!!



(Dutch translation? Scroll down.) A while ago there was this little mare who walked at me (even though someone held her with a rope and halter) when I was talking with someone. The mare wanted a healing, she licked the palms of my hands. I…

The Art of Healing – A Healing Example II