Here it is :)… the finished portrait of beautiful Coltrane, a sweet ex-racehorse I met in Florida in June. He is such a friendly soul and he is blessed with a wonderful ‘owner’. Coltrane’s portrait is on its way to the USA where the real…

Portrait of Coltrane

Beautiful Coltrane, a horse I hold dear to my heart. His drawing is almost finished. I know it might look finished to you, but I see several things that need a little bit more love ❤ and I don’t mind, drawing is one of my…


Yes, this is take 2! I was not at all satisfied with the first attempt I showed earlier. This drawing is far better because the proportions of his head are good. It is not finished yet as you can see!! Lot of work to be…

Take 2 – Progress of a Portrait

For all the Horse Lovers out there… If you like a bit of my art at home or if you would like to surpise a Horse Lover, what about a beautiful set of postcards ❤. It is a fine selection of three popular paintings/drawings. Now…

A Gift for Horse Lovers!!



(Dutch translation? Scroll down.) A while ago there was this little mare who walked at me (even though someone held her with a rope and halter) when I was talking with someone. The mare wanted a healing, she licked the palms of my hands. I…

The Art of Healing – A Healing Example II



This is an example of a healing I gave to a horse (short Dutch version? Scroll down).  Our responsibility towards horses The horse is a very sensitive and also a sentient being. When I connect with a horse I tune into his/her energy and make sure…

The Art of Healing – A Healing Example I



Hi everyone! I have a couple of beautiful new commissions to work on and with which I am very happy 🙂  So after looking closely at lots of pictures and videos I have started sketching. These are only rough sketches that help me decide what…

A Page in my Sketchbook – Serenity



I made this sketch about a week ago. It perfectly suits the way I feel about my plans this year. Exciting plans… I’ll be travelling (the short story) in a few months and I’ll call it my soul search 🙂 Nothing heavy, but nevertheless very…

A Page in my Sketchbook – Fly!



Sometimes I just like to sketch something, no pressure just the feel of my pencil on paper. This time, a year ago actually, I felt deeply touched by the story of this Morgan horse named MCM American Prayer. It’s a sad story and I was…

A Page in my Sketchbook – Morgan Horse



This colourful water-colour painting is painted straight from my soul. It has a deeper meaning for me which has everything to do with my plans later this year. This horse has the courage to step into the unknown… which could be just sharp and red…

Out of the Blue / Into the Unknown / Courage