Vine Leaf (water colour on arches 300 gms)

Vine Leaf (water colour on arches 300 gms)

I can’t get enough of painting and I mainly have two subjects I prefer. The first one is horses, obviously :), and the second one is everything from the wonderful world of plants. Now, I can understand why we most of the time prefer to paint (and look at) flowers, but have you ever looked closely at a leaf? At first it might not be very exciting to look at, but even in a green leaf there are so many colours and tones to discover! It made painting just one vine leaf much more attractive to me than you think.

I hope you enjoy looking at this leaf as much as I do :)!
Have a lovely day,

Vine leaf
Water colour on 100% cotton.
Size: 30 x 24 cm (including passe partout)
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