The Whippet – Olaf, My New Friend


Olaf – My New Friend

This is not so horsey news 🙂 but something I’d like to share with you nonetheless! Well… most horse-people are dog-lovers too <3. So am I. Since two years I’ve wanted a Whippet and in October I found the right one! Fastforward… Olaf is now almost 13 weeks and more than 3 weeks with me and I am the happiest woman alive 😉 It’s a puppy so it’s a lot of work, but he is so much fun and he learns so fast! I love him to bits! Olaf is sleeping on my lap while I am writing this post <3.

I am thinking of drawing this little fellow… what do you think?!

Olaf 3 weeks and 6 days :)

Olaf 3 weeks and 6 days 🙂