A Page in my Sketchbook – Morgan Horse

Morgan Horse - MCM Prayer

Morgan Horse – MCM American Prayer

Sometimes I just like to sketch something, no pressure just the feel of my pencil on paper. This time, a year ago actually, I felt deeply touched by the story of this Morgan horse named MCM American Prayer. It’s a sad story and I was struck by the beauty of this horse. I had to draw him the moment I saw him and after 5 or 10 minutes this was the result.

I love this sketch very much. Alan Lee is the famous illustrator of the Lord of the Rings and more of Tolkien’s books and he is a great inspiration for me. I had just read Alan Lee’s book and felt very inspired by how he draws. I tried some of the things I see in his drawings and I love the result. Don’t we all sometimes need a great example, someone to look up to 🙂 ?

Love Merel