A Page in my Sketchbook – Serenity

Rough sketch of Serenity the Mustang mare grazing.

Rough sketch of a Mustang mare grazing.

Hi everyone!
I have a couple of beautiful new commissions to work on and with which I am very happy 🙂  So after looking closely at lots of pictures and videos I have started sketching. These are only rough sketches that help me decide what would be a beautiful painting. So in these sketches it is not about drawing the perfect horse. It’s about drawing the lines, the light and the posture. Although the pictures of my sketches aren’t the best quality pics (I used my phone…) I think you will have an idea of how I work. Sketching like this helps me to connect with the horse, not only by looking at the horse but also by feeling intuitively.
Ever since I was a kid I could feel a horse’s feelings and later on I discovered I am a horse-healer and horse-medium. I do not have to be with the horse because I do this on a distance too. This is why I can put so much emotion into a painting or drawing.

Rough Sketch - Portrait of Serenity

Rough Sketch – Portrait of Serenity

Much much love,
Merel Burggraaf ❤