Toni, Reading and Healing for a Dutch Horse


Toni the Dutch horse with a sudden behaviour change

Recently the owner of Toni asked me to do a reading and healing for her beautiful Dutch sports horse. Her horse had suddenly changed from a 100% sweetheart to a horse that didn’t want to be touched anymore and had even bitten her pretty hard. The bruise on her arme was impressive. And unfortunately her trust was bruised too. Sanne, de owner, immediately called the vet for a thorough check up. A change in behaviour like this one very easily develops due to pain and calling the vet is the first thing you should do. She also wanted to have a look from a very different perspective so Sanne called me.

The Reading & Healing for Toni
As soon as I came close to the horse I felt ulcers. De vet can do further research on this and give Toni the right treatment. I also felt Toni had more to share. I prefer working in freedom so the horse can do what he wants. I get to see the most honest behaviour that way. The first thing that happened was that Toni walked to the other side of the lunging circle (or round pen if you will), with his hind end turned to us. His ears were pricked backward and the expression on his face was tense.

Toni shared a lot during this reading and healing

I decided to stay there with Sanne. Distance readings and healings also work very well with an ocean between me and the horse. I tuned into him and was amazed again by the nobel grace of horses. He didn’t start with his problem, but with what his life with Sanne means to him. ‘She has me for her pleasure’ was what I heard him say and at the same time I felt a wave of peace and joy flowing through me, coming from the horse. He continued with the nick-name she has for him. ‘She calls me Toni Chocolonely, I like that a lot’ (Toni Chocolonely is a Dutch chocolate brand). This time I felt like I was about to roar with laughter. Sanne was pleasantly surprised.
I then told him he was fine telling me more if he wanted and that I was there to help him. He told me the fun things, but he still felt pretty shut down and distant at that moment. I took a moment to walk to another side of the lunging circle, still at a fair distance. I saw Toni’s calming signals which showed me he didn’t like this. And at the instant I asked him if he was okay with me being at that side, I heard him again. ‘You better stand with her, so I only have to watch one spot.’ So I did and while standing next to Sanne again I went further with reading him.
He told me that he hated the ‘last place where he lived’ before he came to Sanne. I also felt he rehomed a lot. Then he showed me pictures of how he was trained, very harsh, with lots of pressure and punishment. He told me he was just a thing and that they absolutely had no eye for who his as a being. He showed me that he was trained by a man and that this training was really harsh. He continued to show me the pressure. ‘Also when I didn’t want to, didn’t dare to or couldn’t do it, I had to.’ Then Toni showed me images of him being ridden with all kinds of tight extra reins, short and tight in the neck and with a lot of pain and pressure in his mouth. I also saw images of him jumping high fences. I shared everything I got from Toni with Sanne.

Meanwhile I felt a lot of releases and I felt discomfort in the stomach area, the sacro-iliac area and the neck and atlas. The neck area felt tight. This was still at a distance. Each time I gave Sanne more info and when I felt big releases, the horse relaxed more. He sighed, yawned, licked and chewed, his gaze and mouth got soft and his ears moved very differently. His ears pointed forward. At times he looked at us with a beautiful open glance. He lowered his head more and more and really relaxed.

Now I felt I could come closer to him and sit with him, so I did. I gave him more healing in the neck and stomach area, still without touching him. Sanne was with me. Toni had showed a lot and shared a lot, so the healing and reading for now was done. Afterward he pushed his nose softly against me. I felt a wave of gratitude coming from him.

It wasn’t until after the reading and healing that Sanne shared her information about him. In the 15 months that she has him, she has found a lot of information and also a previous carer of him. She also found lots of pictures and videos. Pics and vids of Toni being ridden in a very harsh way, with lots of extra reins that held him in a very tight position. Everything I had seen was spot on, despite the fact that I didn’t know anything about him. Toni also had treatment to his neck a while ago because of inflammation and arthrosis in several neck vertrebrae. Being spot on doesn’t surprise me because of all the readings and healings I have done so far, but it is fantastic to have it confirmed so clearly.

I really complimented Sanne big time. She gives this horse a fantastic life. His life is now so good that the physical complaints that were caused before are showing now. It is comparable to the way this works with humans. Think about going on a holiday after a long and stressful periode of time. All of a sudden you fall ill. This is what happens to Toni now. Stress hormones have suppressed the pain for years.
I also emphasized that it is very healing for the horse that he gets a healing and vet care and everything he needs after such a severe bite. At ‘the former place’ he would have probably had a very different respons, which is the reason for him being shut down and doing his job like a robot. In the safety Sanne offers, he will be opening more and more.

Such a big behavioural change is almost always caused by pain and discomfort. A horse is not at all helped with punishment or with getting the label ‘misbehaving’. Please look further when you encounter this. Horses are 100% honest. It is our responsibility to listen and search for the cause.

My education as a Equine behaviourist is really adding to what I get during a reading when it comes to behaviour, problems and messages. I can even help to communicate the problems with a vet if necessary.

With the biggest love for horses,

Merel Burggraaf
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