Bonica Rose – A Golden One


1 Merel Burggraaf Art Bonica Rose water colour color gold leaf pure aquarel roos bladgoud
This Rose has a story and a beautiful meaning to me. It is the Bonica 82 Rose and my husband gave it to me. Years ago I painted this rose with water colour for my favourite and much LOVED grand-mother, who deceased 2 years later. You see a picture of that painting below ❤
Rose Bonica - SOLDI am lucky to have my husband as my private photographer LOL so he made several pictures of my Rose and I made another water colour painting of it, this time I used a special glazing technique with yellow underpaint. Well, I can tell you that isn’t easy without accidentily turning the pink rose into an orange one, but it is wonderful to do and I succeeded.

The beauty of it is that everything that is alive has energy and the yellow makes the light of the life-energy radiate through the top layers. 

I almost put my face into the rose when I want to see it. I have often smelled it and studied it from a very close distance. With this painting I wanted to take you with me on this journey into the pretty small Bonica Rose ❤ You now see all kinds of pinks and even purples in the shady areas and you see all petals forming a beautiful bloom, still hiding the heart because it isn’t fully open yet. The scent however attracts you to come closer.

In the background I used 24 carat gold leaf. The rose, a symbol of love. The gold leaf, a symbol of the purity of love.

Bonica, 24 x 30 cm, water colour on 300 grams pure cotton, 24 carat gold leaf.
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Merel Burggraaf