Equine Portrait on Birch Wood


Hippach Oil Painting on Birch Wood Merel Burggraaf Art kunst equine horse portait paardenportretMy beloved Hippach is the first horse I have ever painted in oil paint and wow I am happy with the result ❤ Isn’t it just wise to paint something, or in this case someone, you love sooo much that you put all your effort and love into it?

What I love about the Birch wood is that you see the structure of the wood, the circular forms which I follow with the blue paint in the back ground. Also, and you see that in the picture below, I love the white bark which forms a natural frame ❤
Hippach Oil Painting on Birch Wood side Merel Burggraaf Art kunst paardenportret portrait equine horseAnd last but not least… Hippach needed a beautiful 24 carat golden circle, which I also applied as organically as possible so that it would suit the organic structure of the wood and the bark.

I think this painting is a beautiful celebration of Hippach’s beauty and more importantly my deep love for him ❤

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do.

Merel Burggraaf