Holy Horses – A Golden Series of Equine Icons


Holy Horses I – Equine Portrait with Pure Gold.

Ever impressed by the intense beauty of the horse, I had to create a new series in which I truly honour the horse. What better to use than pure gold (24 carat). I have always used ‘gold’ in my paintings, but don’t you think they deserve the real deal?
I honour horses by healing them, working with them from a respectful and positive perspective and by sharing their true beauty with my drawings and paintings. My inspiriration is endless and I find an endless joy in connecting with horses ❤

Holy Horse – Equine Icon I
Portrait of a white horse, reminds me of the wild Epona, Celtic Horse Goddess, a symbol of Mother Earth. I see a call to rewild, to reawaken and to reclaim our true power in connection with Mother Earth.
Graphite and 24 carat pure gold on museum archival quality clay board (eco friendly), 18 x 24 cm (7 x 9,5 inch).
Available for shipping to USA also. Price on request.
Picture can look a bit different from the reality of course. I can always send more pictures from different angles.

Detail – shiny gold.

These modern icons are available for purchase or you can commission your own painting of your own holy horse!

Merel Burggraaf
Equine Artist
Equine Healer