Winter Coat – Hippie’s Inner Shetland Pony


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My horse Hippach, who I call Hippie, has quite long hair in his face when it is winter. Being a beautiful dressage horse you could easily mistake him for a Shetland pony 😉 Then being a grey horse still turning lighter each season he never looks the same. Last winter Hippie looked like this ❤ and I felt challenged to paint him with oil paint and not be too precise. A challenge because I often draw hair by hair which is almost impossible with my lovely grey muse! So I chose to paint his personality, his energy. At that point in time he was still getting out of his dark world, but despite it being quite dark, you can already see his lovely soft eye (and then those cute white eyelashes). And that soft muzzle… can you imagine how often I kiss that one?

Winter Coat, oil paint on a wooden panel, 20 x 20 cm.