Winter Coat – Hippie in Oil


Hippach as a 4 year old

The Story

Hippach the Grey as a four year old. This oil painting is part of a series of paintings I am working on to show the different faces of Hippach as he turns from black to white during his life.

I got Hippach when he had just turned four. He is a very elegant dressage horse, but has an inner Shetland pony in winter with his long hair! I love everything about him, but before he came to me, the focus was always on him being beautiful and talented. Had he not come to me, he would probably be shaved and wear a horse rug/blanket in winter. Although he sure is a beautiful and elegant horse, I love painting him with his winter coat to show the beauty in that too! He is, again this time in winter, a fluffy happy horse. Let’s celebrate that in between his gracious moves!

Love Merel