The Voice of the Horse I


🙏🏼❤🐴 After making this #visionaryart
I connected with it like I do when I communicate with a #horse and this #message was given ⤵️

💫The Voice of the Horse💫
Yes, we #Horses mirror you. Now look past the individual level, because it is way deeper than that.
What do you feel when you see me like this? Do you feel pain? Do you feel sadness? My eyes are, like yours, a portal to my soul, to the heart. Can you feel that energy is now blocked?
I look back at you through the mirror not to show you my pain (and yes I am in pain), but to show you YOUR pain. Do you see the blood starting to seep through the blindfold? Humanity is blindfolded. Humanity is bleeding. You too have been blindfolded and it has taken too long now. The portal to your heart and soul has been blinded with FEAR. Lies has been told, many lies. And because you have willingly accepted the blindfold you didn’t notice it. And because you have believed the fear and the lies, you didn’t feel TRUTH anymore.
A very large part of humankind has accepted this FALSE BLINDNESS.
Feel very deeply. Can you feel who has put this blindfold over your eyes? Do you realise that you, unlike me, have the power to remove your blindfold with your own two hands? Do you realise it is time NOW?
As long as you accept this blindfold you will be slaves to the establishment that has put it there.
Realise you have the power, the capacity to remove it and be free again. Free yourself from fear. Fear only the darkness that is imposed upon you. Free your eyes and shed light on everything that was hidden in the dark. Open the portal to your soul, open your heart. Let your eyes SEE and let your heart show you TRUTH. The establishment will not.
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Free yourself,

Merel Burggraaf