Nightly Poem and Art

Copyright Merel Burggraaf

I was just falling asleep, when I felt more and more in touch with my creative self, the inner Bard as I call it. This totally woke me. I got lots and lots of ideas and visions of what to make and even of a photoshoot with my beautiful Horse Hippie Boy ❤.

My creative outburst increased and totally fired up. So… I couldn’t do anything else then just get up in the middle of the night and work on some things. The first thing that came to me was this poem. I always get poems in English that are like downloads. And I know I am on the right track when I get these moments.

Copyright Merel Burggraaf

After the poem I saw this picture in my mind and sketched it immediately. I LOVE seeing my little Olaf in this drawing. With another poem came to me. You’ll find that one on my Instagram account ❤.

Well, time to go to bed now LOL. Love, Merel Burggraaf

Merel Burggraaf