Robin – Painting & Poem


Everyday, a couple of times a day even, I take a walk in the woods with my Whippet dog Olaf. I am the type of person that can wander off in the woods and totally forget to come back. A tree stump is the perfect chair. Getting more silent, feeling the stillness in my heart, all the chatter moves to the background until it swiftly disappears through the back-door of my mind. What is left, is the complete stillness and from that place I happily connect with Nature. I start to meet with the locals like the nuthatches, the soaring buzzards and not forget that little friend the robin. The robin always seems to fly with me and to wait for me until I catch up with him. It is always a bit ahead of me, watching me from a branch, a nearby post or on the path in front of me.

Hello little bird, small and fiery red,
Will you guide me on the path ahead?
The wind has yet cleared my mind,
I fill that space with your song, so kind.

This is why I painted this lovely robin on a slice of Birch wood. Isn’t it just wonderful to have such a little friend and a bit of nature close to you?

Robin, oilpainting on Birch wood, approx 23 cm in diameter.