Fox I


Slender and swift,
Ready to learn, quick wit.
Connected to Earth,
Joy to just sit.

Red of the Earth,
The ground.
Waiting to act,
When hearing the sound.

Symbol of change,
A completely new world.
Dreaming the magic,
Mystery unfurled.

Fox, as a spirit animal, tells us big change is ahead of us, specifically a new world is being dreamt into reality. We all are part of this process of dreaming. Never more than NOW be aware of what you dream and of what you wish to become reality. Fox is THE animal of transformation, but connected to magic. This is not just something that happens to you, but something you have power over. Connect with your power animal, connect with fox, use your magic and dream the best world possible into OUR reality, for the best of all ❤

Fox I, drawing on Arches, hot pressed, 300 grams cotton, with 24 carat gold.
Size when mounted 24 x 30 cm (either off-white or black passe-partout, 3-layers museum quality).

Merel Burggraaf