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Healing, the horse chooses to lower his head. My hand is only lightly touching him.

Healing for your Horse
I am born with the gift to give healings to horses. During a healing a use my hands to give the horse healing energy. This way horses get a chance to release emotions, toxins and other things that are in the way of living a healthy and happy life.
During a healing
During a healing you often see the horse fully relax, yawn, changes in their posture, skin and eyes. Both during a direct healing and a distant healing I regularly get messages of the horse. These messages and information can help both horse and owner/caretaker. The most important goal of a healing is to help the horse release what it needs to release in order to live a happier and healthier life and to improve the connection between owner/rider and horse.
After a healing
After a healing you will often notice that:
– the horse is calmer;
– the horse trusts more;
– behaviour issues are less or gone;
– wounds heal quicker;
– the horse’s results in sports improve.
You can read science on the fact that healing works via this link: 

Important notice:
I strongly advice you to always consult a vet. I only do healings if the vet is consulted. Healings are no substitute for vetcare. 

Would you like a healing? Do not hesitate to contact me by e-mail:

Example of channeled information:
An older Arabian mare I have groomed and ridden kept showing me she didn’t really like the whole riding thing anymore. She missed a foal and let me know she really still wants to have a foal. I didn’t know anything about her history and I didn’t see her owner (let’s call her Naomi) often. I agreed I would let Naomi know. Naomi had given birth to a beautiful daughter herself last year and didn’t have time for her mare anymore. She arranged for her mare to move back to her previous owner. When Naomi came to pick up her mare I gave her the message. She was very surprised and told me the mare had lost a foal years ago. She told me there is a stallion where she is moving to now and she promised me to give the message to the new owner. I was so happy that the message was very well received. Horses need to be seen and heard by us!! Later that day I received a message. Naomi had told the new owner and she told Naomi she was thinking of letting her have a foal. The message was an important confirmation for her and now she would call the vet to make everything happen for the mare, if her health would allow her to have a foal. I personally think that will be alright. The mare longs for a foal with all her heart!! ❤
Merel Burggraaf Art mare and foal message from your horse mediumship