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I found new love… Hippach!

Merel Burggraaf – The Art of Healing
I believe we are meant to bring Light and Love to this Earth and to all of its beings. My task is to help horses (and their owners). Although lots of people love and admire horses, there is still a lot going wrong with horses, unfortunately. We should acknowledge that the horse is a very sensitive being, often held in an unnatural way. We are trying our best, but still this causes mental and physical problems. Horses do have feelings and emotions. They deserve to be heared and healed. Horses are very willing to work with us.Their well-being will only increase our connection and fun with them, and also their results in sports!

How it all started – Art and Horse-Healing
As soon as I knew horses excisted I deeply loved them. I wanted everything in the world to be horse! At home I drew horses a lot and collected every picture I could find. Later, when I was 12 years old I went to the nearby riding school just to be around horses and to groom them. When I was 14 years old I met my biggest horse-friend ever. His name was Eros and he was a large and underfed gelding, rescued by the riding school. The moment I saw him I was in love and I immediately started to take care of him. We bonded enormously and I spent lots of time with him. After a while I heard Eros’ voice in my head speaking to me.

Merel Burggraaf horse equine horses healing art

Healing, the horse chooses to lower his head. My hand is only lightly touching him.

The Now – Reading & Healing
I offer direct horse healings and distant horse healings. Although I am born with this natural talent I find it very important to have high professional standards. I am trained as a professonial therapist (Medical Herbalist for Humans) and as a healer. I have 10+ years of healing experience. I am also always working on myself, with a truly skilled and great Shaman (who is trained by Native American Shamans), to become the best Healer I can be. In 2010 I trained with Nanda van Gestel-van der Schel (Eden Holistic Horsewomanship), a very skilled horsewoman and horse- healer. And in order to professionalize my horse healing work even more I have trained with the world renowned horse-healer Margrit Coates. You’ll find examples of readings/healings on my website.
Important notice: I always advise you to contact a vet if there is anything wrong with your horse.

Hippach and Merel connecting

Hippach & me, deep connection. Notice there is no lead rope. He chooses to be with me.

The Now – Art
As you can see on my website I paint and draw horses (also on commission). Since I am very connected with the horse’s energy I can feel him through the pictures and let the horse’s soul shine through in my art. You truly look your horse in the eye when you look at the drawing or painting.

For my drawings and paintings I only work with the best artist’s quality paper and pigments to make my art last. I use one or more photos of your horse. The photos need to be of very good quality (large photos). As I love horses very deeply and know the pain of losing a beloved horse, I am able to put great love and passion into my work. You will absolutely recognize the soul of your beloved horse!

A bit more about me
I was born in 1979 and I live in the Netherlands with my husband John and my Whippet dog Olaf. I have always been truly interested in Nature. So when I was old enough to decide what I wanted to do, I trained to be a Medical Herbalist, with succes. In the meantime I am always working on myself, with a Shaman, to become the best Healer I can be, fully connected with my Soul and with Nature. I absolutely love travelling and although I give healings from a distance, I travelled to Florida (USA )in 2016 to heal several beautiful horses there. These are horses who have been hurt in the past and are with very loving humans now. Life is wonderful! I am extremely grateful to be able to do this work.

If you would like any information, please do contact me (see contact form below)!

Lots of Light and Love,