Me & My Horse
In this picture you see me and my beloved horse Hippach. I rescued Hippach, and although it was quite a road to recovery, he is doing so well now, you would say he has always had the perfect life. Oh what love can do! This symbolizes my absolute love and passion for horses!!

Hippach is my muse when it comes to art so you will see this beautiful dressage horse often in my paintings and equine icons. He also is the reason I have been qualified as an Equine Behaviour Consultant since February 2019.

Me & My Art
I just HAVE to make equine art because I am very inspired by their beauty, both on the outside and on the inside. My connection with horses goes so deep, that I can communicate with them. I do readings (based on a photograph, so even with an ocean between me and your horse). And the effect of this deep connection is also that I truly let their soul shine through in my art. I can make your horse’s eye come to life in such a way that you not only recognize your horse, but from the day you receive your work of art, you will have your horse inside your house!

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Hippach, my true muse!